Hilton Reading, Drake Way,
Reading, RG2 0GQ


The first Thursday of each month


Yes, a buffet dinner is provided


Welcome to the Thames Valley SBSC Group

We’ve been running for nearly 10 years giving IT business owners the opportunity to come together sharing knowledge, learning and supporting one another throughout their business journey.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month in Reading and the sessions vary from vendor led presentations to forum-based discussions. The aim each month is to highlight products, solutions, best practice and experiences that could help Managed Service Providers to develop and grow.

There is a breadth of knowledge throughout the UK MSP community and the group serves as a way of bringing business owners together to talk openly about the issues and challenges they are facing as well as successes that may also help others.

The additional benefit to being part of the TVSBSC group is the opportunity to build better vendor relationships. With a greater access to the people and resources of industry key players, this can help ensure the products and solutions, combined with the collective knowledge and experiences of the group are the right ones for your business.

Overall TVSBSC is a proactive group of individuals that are passionate about both technology and the continuous development of the services they provide. All Managed Service Providers and IT Support related businesses in the Thames Valley region are welcome so if you would like to come along, just get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Steven Pretlove
TVSBSC Coordinator

p.s don’t worry, you get dinner too!

How can TVSBSC help you and your business?

  • Meet other Managed Service Providers and other IT related business owners.
  • Share knowledge and learn from your industry peers.
  • Talk practically about products and services that you use.
  • Share the issues you are facing and get some feedback from the group.
  • Share ideas
  • Access a variety of vendors first hand with presentations and updates.
  • Networking